Setting the Mood to record

Setting The Mood: 5 Simple Ways to Prepare to Record an Amazing Podcast

Being in the right mindset and setting the mood will make all the difference when it comes to recording a podcast. When you take the time to prepare to record, you set yourself up for success.

Trust me when I say your listeners can hear when you’re not in the right mood to record. So don’t force it. Instead, use these five tips to help you set the mood to record a podcast episode.

1. Plan Time To Record Your Podcast Beforehand

The best thing you can do for yourself and your podcast is to plan a time to record. Whether it’s the same time every week or just taking a day to record multiple episodes, it’s essential to block out that time.

Schedule your recording session into your calendar. That way you don’t forget or end up scrambling because you know exactly when it’s going to happen. 

And just because you set out time to record doesn’t mean that you can’t do it when the inspiration strikes as well. It just means you’ll be well-prepared — and hopefully won’t forget to record!

Plan time to record a podcast. I got time for that meme

2. Let Household Members Know You’ll Be Recording Your Podcast

If you have a busy family life, you may be wonder, “How can I record a podcast at home?” Simply put, when you don’t let others know that you’re recording a podcast, you’re pretty much begging for distractions.

Your kids running in to play with you, your partner asking you questions, your roommate watching a movie really loud. 

All of these can be avoided or minimized by just saying, “Between 1 and 2:30, I’ll be recording and I’d appreciate it if you could try to be quiet and not disturb me during this time”. This also applies to your phone, make sure it’s on silent or do not disturb so you don’t get any distracting notifications. 

Distractions can throw off your train of thought, cause you to procrastinate, or, even worse, ruin your mood. Do your best to avoid them.

Tell your household you're going to record a podcast. Woman saying shhhh

3. Set Up A recurring Ritual Before You Record

Set a routine for yourself to get in the right headspace before you start recording. Ask yourself — What do I need to record a podcast confidently? It can be whatever works for you! Meditating, having a snack, drinking tea, yoga, listening to music, or reading over notes. 

Maybe you need to hype yourself up. Or perhaps you need something to relax and mellow you out. Whatever it is, I suggest that you try to keep it consistent so that it eventually sets off a trigger in your mind and automatically puts you in the mood to intentionally record the episode.

Set a retual to record a podcast. Woman meditation in monk rob

4. Clarify Your Intentions Before Recording A Podcast Episode

When you don’t have clear intentions, you don’t have a plan. Your intention for the episode will keep you on track while you’re recording. Your intention will also affect your mood and how you want to come across to your listeners.

When you’re recording a podcast remotely, it is especially important to have a clear idea of what you want out of this podcast episode. Since you can start anytime, it’s easy to get unsettled.

Planning, staying on track, and the impression you give to your listeners — All of these rely on each other. This is why it’s important to take some time before you record to think and plan your episode out. It’ll make a difference in your outcome. 

But don’t take so long planning it out that you don’t even get around to recording. Also, I PROMISE, it gets easier the more you do it.

5. Have A Guide To Record A Podcast Episode

Having notes or something to guide you will really help keep you on track when you record a podcast. It’s hard to remember everything you want to talk about so writing it out ahead of time ensures that you don’t forget anything or get off track! 

You don’t need to write out a word-by-word script. Just write out as much or as little as you need. I also find that it really helps you stay in line with your intention, which in turn leads you to record an episode that you absolutely love!

record a podcast with a guide. Black woman in class of white men

That’s it! Now the only thing left to do is take a deep breath and RECORD. All you need to do is prepare and relax. Once you do so, you’ll feel and SOUND more confident to your listeners!

Consistently keep using these tips whenever you record a podcast and over time everything will become second nature to you. You’re going to kill it and do great! 

And don’t forget, I’m always here if you have any questions or need any guidance. If you want to bypass beginner podcasting mistakes, check out our 90-day Podcaster Program. This program will walk you through each step of creating your podcast, from idea to launch, without the major learning curve. Sign up now to become a holistic podcaster and share your gift to yourself and the world.


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