At the end of this coaching program, you will possess the knowledge to:

  • Launch your podcast with confidence and ease

  • Identify your unique voice
  • Creating a podcasting routine that feels in alignment with your life
  • Align your podcast with your mission and your why
  • Identify your “noble podcasting obstacles” and overcome them with intention¬†
  • Tranform your mindset from launching a podcast and truly embracing being a podcaster
  • and so much more!

Resources and materials in the podcast coaching program include:

  • Starting From Scratch: Building Your Podcast

  • Who is Listening?: Identifying Your Ideal Client

  • Personalized podcast launch schedule

  • Creating Content That Matters (To You and Your Audience)

  • Editing Tips and Tricks

  • Step by step guide for submitting to the Big 3

  • Booking Podcast Guests

  • Repurposing your podcasting content

  • Staying Aligned and Inspired