Things You Need to Launch a Podcast

Things You Need Before Launching a Podcast: Part 1

Yes! You’re doing it! You’ve decided to start this journey of launching your podcast.

Now, you’re starting to research what you need to get going. “What do I need to start a podcast?” you ask. Well, you’re in luck because I’ve created a part one of the things you need to launch a podcast.

As someone who’s launched my own podcast as well as many others, I completely understand how this process can be overwhelming, and so I want to share my expert tips for launching a podcast. We’ll cover what equipment you need to start, what programs you can use to record your podcast, and I’ll share some examples of each.

I also offer a podcast launching program to get your podcast launched in 90 days or less. Check it out if you still need help when you’ve reached the end of this list.

podcast equipment before launching a podcast

1. A Microphone Is A Must For Launching A Podcast

It’s impossible to be a podcaster without a microphone (mic) so this is a no-brainer. The type of mic you use for your podcast launch will depend on how much money you want to invest in your podcasting journey. You might wonder, what is the best equipment to start a podcast?

I know people who use their headset’s mic and there’s nothing wrong with that!

If you know you’re going to be in this for the long haul, I would suggest getting a professional mic. Don’t worry, I’ve done all the research for you and created a cheat sheet (find it below) comparing the top two mics that are most used by professional podcasters.

Selecting a mic will take some trial and error — and it’s all about your personal preference.

comparisons of microphones for launching a podcast

2. Headphones For Launching A Podcast

Any headphones will work as long as you’re comfortable in them and can hear properly. Why should you use headphones for your podcast?

Firstly, headphones are really helpful when it comes to recording. It makes the audio cleaner because there’s no echo or feedback. Secondly, wearing headphones helps because you can actually hear the audio as it’s being recorded and you’ll know much quicker if your audio doesn’t sound right.

Finally, headphones really help with editing. You’ll be able to hear much more than with your crappy computer speakers — no offense to your speakers, but most of them are simply not built for us podcaster’s needs.

Overall, headphones just make everything better, so use them and make sure you have a good backup pair as well!

headphones you will need for launching a podcast

3. A Computer

Yes, there are platforms that boast about how you can record, edit and publish an entire podcast using your phone… but honestly, why would you want to?!

Your audio quality will suffer and it will take so much longer to do on your phone or tablet. Editing on a laptop or computer will definitely save your eyes. Podcasters… no amount of eye drops or glasses will help you with eye strain from staring at a tiny screen while editing for an hour or more.

Plus, when you edit using a computer, you can better identify those spots in your audio you need to fix and you’ll edit more precisely. Ultimately, this means that your listeners will love you for having great audio!

4. A Recording Program

Before you launch a podcast, you’ll need to have a reliable program to record with. This is especially important if you’re going to have guests on your podcast. As always, you have lots of options when it comes to choosing a recording program.

Take some time to research different programs, and try out a few to see which one you like working with the best. If you’re recording with guests, you’ll want to make sure your recording program is reliable so you don’t experience dropped calls and any weird gaps in your audio.

A couple of free programs you can use to launch your podcast include Zoom and Audacity. These two are among the simplest to navigate, and they don’t cost you anything.

How Much Does It Cost To Launch A Podcast?

Before you launch a podcast, you’ll probably want to know exactly how much it’s going to cost you. Here’s the breakdown:

  • We’ve already talked about our favorite microphones which start at $99.
  • You should be able to get a decent pair of headphones for $25 or up.
  • Most likely, you already have a laptop and won’t have to spend there. If you don’t, good laptops start at about $300.
  • There’s no reason to splurge on expensive recording programs. The ones we mentioned are free and work well.
  • You’ll need to host your podcast somewhere. We’ll discuss this and more in part two!
  • As we mentioned before, you can benefit immensely from a podcast launch course.
costs for launching a podcast including microphone, laptop, recording, headphones

Those are my four suggestions for what you need to launch your podcast! Don’t forget to check back this month for part two of the things you will need, including cover art, music, hosting, and more to launch your podcast.

If there’s anything you have more questions about and want me to go more in detail into in another post, leave me a comment or reach out directly for one on one coaching.


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