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How To Grow Your Podcast Audience

There are a lot of ears to share in the world of podcasting. Reportedly, 50% of homes in the United States listen to podcasts. This means you have tons of room to grow your podcast audience and get a piece of the pie. 

How do you do that? There are a few ways to go about it. You want to remember that your ultimate goal is to share your unique message while providing value to your audience. 

Once you’ve got that down, it’s time to get more listeners to tune into you. Here’s how to do it.

Learn All About Your Audience

Before you focus on building your podcast audience, you want to know who your podcast is for. Who are the amazing people that will connect with what you have to say? 

Learn about your audience by asking questions like: 

  • Where do they hang out online?
  • What platforms do they use?
  • What do they like and dislike?
  • How much time do they typically have to listen to podcasts?
  • What are their pain points? 
  • Where do they live? 
  • What other podcasts are they listening to?

If you try to connect with everyone, you’ll connect with no one. So instead of saying your podcast is for “anyone willing to listen,” get specific about who you’re catering to. 

By doing this, you’ll attract people who are passionate about your podcast. Passionate listeners mean a loyal podcast audience. One that is willing to spread the word about your podcast to friends and family.

Broaden Your Use Of Social Media

Already posting about your new podcast episodes on social media? Try taking it up a notch. You might be able to expand your podcast audience size by increasing the number of social platforms you use.

Are you on TikTok? Do you use IG reels? What about Twitter and Clubhouse? While there’s still debate about whether Clubhouse will replace podcasting, most people have settled on a resounding no.

In fact, many podcasters use the Clubhouse app to share snippets of their podcast magic and then redirect Clubhouse users to where they really want them to be… their podcast host.

Meanwhile, the TikTok giant continues to grow and savvy podcasters are making use of that platform as well. Instagram’s version of TikTok, IG reels, is leading the algorithm on there, and solopreneurs and businesses of all types are using the feature to get in front of thousands of new people weekly.

If you’re not into reels yet, you can also make use of Instagram’s long-running Stories feature. Popular podcast host Spotify even allows you to share your podcast directly to Instagram Stories. See how here.

Post In Facebook Groups And On Reddit Forums

Remember when we researched where your audience hangs out online? 

This was to learn where to engage with them. The more personal you can get (loosely speaking), the better. Facebook and Reddit groups are two ways you can connect with your audience on a more personal level. 

When people join groups on Facebook and Reddit, they typically don’t expect a barrage of ads or self-promotion from fellow members. Sometimes, however, group admins specifically offer members opportunities to self-promote on certain days.

Take advantage of this since you’re tapped into a large group of people who are not only willing to entertain your podcast, but likely share similar interests with you and, if you’ve done things right so far, are familiar with you as a person.

On days that you’re not able to promote, help others out by answering questions, leave useful comments, and become a member known for giving value. 

Team Up With People In Your Space 

… but not your competition.

Networking with other podcasters or people offering services related to your niche is a great way to boost podcast audience growth. Hey — networking in any industry is great for growth. In podcasting, there’s no exception.

Of course, you don’t want to help your direct competition by having them on your show. What you want is to provide your listeners with a unique angle of a topic and have any guests do the same. This will differentiate both of you from others in your niche.

Ideally, you want to find guests who offer something different from you but whose services intersect with yours. The goal is to become mutually benefiting partners who both bring value to the audience. Also, your guest will likely talk about your podcast on their social media platforms.

Both you and your guest’s fans will share your podcast with others still, leading to growth.

Create A Website For Your Podcast 

If your podcast is just another outlet of your brand, you probably have a website set up already. In that case, all you need to do is add a page for your podcast.

If not, you should set up a simple website for your podcast to start off. You’re going to want to have a reliably-owned web presence for your podcast show.

Once you’ve got a website set up, focus on user experience. 65% of your podcast audience are likely listening on their mobile device. This means your website should be mobile-friendly. 

If you host your podcast on iTunes, make sure to take advantage of the Itunes Smart App Banner. According to Lower Street, you use it by adding the following to your website <head> tag: 

<meta name=“apple-itunes-app” content=“app-id=XXXXXXXXXX”>

“Where XXXXXXXXXX is your show’s unique numerical ID.”

You can get your podcast show’s unique ID by going to the podcast directory and finding it after id in the URL for your podcast.

In addition to the main page for your podcast, you’ll have a page for each episode along with show notes. 

Make the most of your web presence by adding SEO to your arsenal. 

That means doing a bit of keyword research. It might also mean repurposing your podcast into a long-form blog post. 

Within both your show notes and your blogs, add in keywords as needed to increase the chances of showing up in Google for your podcast niche, thus driving organic traffic to your webpage and, subsequently, your podcast. 

More Tips For Growing Your Audience

In addition to learning about your audience, networking, posting in closed groups, and building your website, there are other marketing strategies you can use to grow your audience. 

They are: 

Build An Email List And Sending Out Regular Newsletters

Again, this might be secondary to the main email list for your brand. You could start sending out emails to those already subscribed to you, or build a separate list based only around your podcast. 

Email lists are one of the most direct lines to an audience who has shown, by subscribing to you, that they’re already interested in what you have to offer. They want more from you — so do your best to provide value in your emails! 

Cross-promote Your Podcast

While cross-promoting your podcast on social media platforms like TikTok, Instagram, and Clubhouse is one way to go, you can share entire episodes and build your podcast audience on YouTube. 

And no, you don’t necessarily have to get all dressed up to do so. People are familiar with the more laid-back nature of a podcast “video,” and they go in knowing that this is about the information rather than the aesthetics. 

Once your sound quality is on point and you’re providing value, you’re on your way to YouTube success. 

Post About New Episodes

You’ll want to share a post for literally every new episode of your podcast, especially if you’re still just starting out. Announce the name of each and every episode because it might take just one title to truly connect  with potential new listeners. 

Use Real-life Examples

Podcasting in itself tends to be more personal than other forms of media marketing because some niches are more real-world focused, and also because real-life examples are used to stand out from competitors.

For example, business-focused podcasters will talk about personal experiences in addition to sharing their expert advice in order to give their listeners as much valuable, practical help as possible.

Reply To Comments

A simple way to grow your podcast is to continuously interact with people on all the social platforms you use. Respond to all message inquiries and reply to every single comment under your posts. 

Trust me, it makes a difference.

Be Consistent For Your Podcast Audience

Finally, you want to be consistent. This in itself is not a marketing tactic, but it’s worth mentioning. You need to have consistency in recording podcast episodes as well as in your marketing.

By being consistent with your marketing, you won’t lose listeners due to a lack of presence and you’ll increase the chances of getting seen by potential new listeners.

Consistency is the one thing that’ll help you grow your podcast audience to new heights!

Use it along with everything else we’ve mentioned, and you’ll be on your way to growing your podcast audience to new heights!


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