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Hey Hey Podcaster, It's Nikita!

I am the owner and head creative at JourneyGurl Magic Productions. I am also the host of The JourneyGurl Magic Podcast and The "I" Word. I am a “journeyer” in every sense of the world and have made it my life’s work to guide and support womxn in their journey to discovering their voice and sharing it through podcasting with the masses. When I am not journeying, podcasting or coaching, you can find me on the couch playing 20 questions with my wife Jessica or doing the “hot dog dance” with Mickey Mouse and my 2-year-old son Adonis.

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It's time for you to be heard

To share your gift with the world. Life is too short to not be living fully. There is nothing more stifling than knowing you were MEANT FOR MORE but feeling STUCK. It's time to step into your power UNAPOLOGETICALLY and transform into the BEST podcaster version of yourself. I know that this is new and scary but this is your DESTINY. And don't worry, we're on this journey together. Here is your road map:

  1. GET CLEAR with your intentions and discover your why.
  2. DO THE WORK and bring alignment and authenticity in your life and work
  3. Be your best podcaster self, Live your best podcaster life, and MAKE MAGIC.

Welcome to your journey.

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